I'm Chappell and it is my passion to help people find connection within their relationships.  I have worked as a therapist for over ten years and I know with certainty that our relationships are the most important resource we have.  Healthy relationships make us more resilient, they bring us great happiness, they foster safety and security, and they give our life meaning.  As a therapist it is my mission to help each individual and couple I work with improve their relationships and become passionate about the importance of connection in their own lives.   


Some areas of expertise include: couples in conflict, premarital counseling, counseling and support for new and expecting parents, exploring how the families we grew up in impact how we "do" relationships, and helping individuals recover from past trauma so that their relationships can thrive.

I offer therapy and workshops that are grounded in the most effective, up-to-date, and well researched practices and theories available.  These include, the work of the Gottman Institute, PACT Couples Therapy, EFT and EMDR.  I completed my undergraduate degree at Brown University and my clinical social work training at Smith College School for Social Work.   I am a licensed clinical social worker, which is the highest level of certification for social workers in the state of Colorado. 

I've followed my passion for fostering healthy relationships by pursuing extensive training in the areas of attachment, trauma, neurobiology, and couples therapy.  Along my journey I have provided counseling to individuals, couples, families and groups at the University of Colorado Counseling Center, Mental Health Partners, Boulder Valley Public Schools, in child and adolescent day treatment centers, and in private practice. 

Being a parent has deepened my own respect for the challenges involved in maintaining a connected partnership, and also the rewards that such a partnership can bring.  Outside the therapy office you can find me enjoying connecting with my own family in the Colorado outdoors, exploring nutritious recipes in my kitchen, and reading voraciously. 

Lastly, you deserve to get what you want out of your therapy. I believe that counseling should MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You will see results from your work with me, or I will help you to find a therapy provider that better suits your needs.

If your relationships could use some nurturing and you think I might be the right therapist for you, let's get started.  Our first step will be a 20 minute phone conversation where we can get to know each other and figure out what services would best fit your needs.   I really look forward to talking with you, so please reach out so that we can schedule that phone call.