Are You Ready to Focus on Your Marriage? 

Do You Want to Reconnect with Your Partner? 

Are You Sick of Conflict, Tension, and Lack of Passion?

Couples Counseling with Chappell Marmon, LCSW

I can help you regain a healthy, loving, and fun relationship.

Couples Counseling at The Connected Couple can help you:

  • identify the patterns that are keeping you stuck in conflict, defensiveness and disconnection
  • create new ways to communicate and interact
  • learn how to handle stress and conflict as a team
  • re-spark the love and intimacy you once enjoyed.   

I help couples in all stages of their journey:

  • Pre-marital: discussing the future, laying a solid relationship foundation, overcoming challenges with intimacy, vulnerability and commitment
  • Pre-conception: infertility, secondary infertility, miscarriage, decision making about becoming parents
  • Pregnancy: planning for the postpartum period, learning skills to support each other and maintain a loving and supportive relationship throughout the transition to parenthood
  • Postpartum phase: adjusting to life with baby, working with postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Post "baby" phase: those years when your child or children are growing up and you find your marriage has become disconnected, dissatisfying, and missing all the spark and romance it once had
  • Conflict or lack of connection in your marriage:  Restore your partnership and bring joy back to your marriage
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a highly effective (90% of couples experience improvement) and healing process.  Both partners learn to express their emotions and find ways to deeply connect with their partner. 



I Specialize in Helping Couples Who are Also Parents (or want to be parents)

Having a Child Should Transform Your Partnership, Not Destroy It

Therapy for couples who are parents.

Having a child brings incredible change to a marriage or partnership -- and it's not always good. The shift might happen suddenly or over a long period of time, but many couples seek out support at some point during their parenting journey to help them bring the play, joy and passion back to their relationship.

In the early days of parenting, babies need all our attention and resources. During this time, nurturing yourself and your partner can drop so low on the priority list you actually forget to do it, or it seems you simply don’t know how anymore.

Overtime, old hurts from moments of feeling unsupported, unheard, unappreciated, or unloved develop rifts and walls in relationships. Partners become defended rather than open, critical rather than loving and generous, and lonely rather than safe and connected.

Maintaining and creating a partnership that is strong, loving, and tough enough to withstand the rough road of parenting is hard, but it is possible - and worth the effort.  The support of focused, effective couples counseling can help you find your way back to each other.

"The love between couples is the real cradle that holds the baby." ~ Julie Gottman

Creating a thriving relationship isn't just good for youHow you and your partner model conflict, communication, and intimacy has profound effects on your children, whatever their ages.  Staying engaged and working on your marriage will alter their own attitudes about relationships, their feelings of emotional safety, and their innate ability to "do" relationships. Prioritizing your relationship with your partner and healing your marriage is one of the most powerful ways that you can impact your children.


Make your relationship extraordinary.

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