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I first saw Chappell Marmon when I was in my mid to late twenties. I was her patient for several years and she saw me through some of the most difficult circumstances in my life. Chappell helped me to sort out my most tangled sentiments around previous sexual and relationship traumas, which was no easy feat. I felt safe in her care exploring these tucked away territories that I seldom explored beforehand. She allowed me to pace my own counseling so that it felt safe, but she also encouraged me to take steps when she felt I was ready. Where my fears prevented my life from accelerating before I met her, new doors opened and I stepped through them with more confidence as I progressed through treatment with Chappell. I really believe that using her counseling services was one of the best choices I have ever made for my confidence, my health, and my sense of belongingness in the world. Chappell is a kind but candid, remarkably intuitive, and a very compassionate therapist. I will be forever grateful to her for the work she guided me through at that time in my life.
— Annonymous
Chappell has a warm presence that always had the effect of making me feel heard and understood. She has an innate ability to be attuned to my emotional needs which always had the effect of making me feel at ease around her. She seemed to know exactly what questions to ask to guide me in a direction of self-discovery and reflection. She was able to challenge me to grow in a way that felt gentle, and yet pushed me into new territories of self-actualization and understanding. Chappell’s grounded presence and dedication to helping me has had a tremendous impact on my capacity to move forward in cultivating satisfaction in my personal and professional endeavors.
— Anonymous
I am delighted when the couples I refer to Chappell are able to see her. I love her commitment to continually honing her skills and equipping herself with the best training available. She is smart and compassionate, and is a wonderful listener with a gentle supportive presence. If you have an opportunity to work with Chappell, you will not be disappointed.
— Peg Shippert, MA, LPC
I have known and been working with Chappell for the past 4 years in a collegial relationship. She has a depth of authenticity that I think is rare to find and I have always valued her critical feedback on my clinical cases. She has a keen ear to hear the angles on cases that I may be blind to, and for that I am grateful! I would and do recommend Chappell for clients for couples counseling, EMDR work, and do not hesitate to recommend clients with LGBTQ+ identities.
— Li Brookens, LCSW
I have known Chappell for several years through my work and through consultation with her. She is amazingly aware of herself, and because of this, she notices so many things that I might miss. Boulder is lucky to have her as a therapist in the community. Her insightfulness make her a wonderful therapists for individuals and couples. Chappell will always be someone I would like the privilege of asking advice and consultation from. Clients who want to feel better in their life and work through difficult stages and places in life, would be lucky to have Chappell as their therapist.
— Phillip Horner LCSW, CGP