Chappell Marmon, Couples Therapist

 I am dedicated to helping couples and individuals build healthy, thriving relationships with their partners, their children, and with themselves.  I strive to help my clients create, nurture and maintain the love, connectedness, and intimate partnership they want in their relationships.  

I can help:

  • Couples who are stuck in a pattern of escalated conflict or withdrawal from each other.  

  • Partners who are fearful that they have lost the love and intimacy that they once shared. 

  • Engaged and newlywed couples preparing for marriage and a life of connection together.

  • Pregnant women and their partners working on the transition to parenthood and the strain it puts on their relationship and on their individual lives.

  • Individuals struggling with with anxiety, depression, trauma, and unhealthy relationship patterns. 

  • Postpartum women needing support and tools to deal with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and adjustment to parenthood.

  • Individuals working through the challenges that life presents and seeking to grow more confident, more emotionally aware and available, and more satisfied in their relationships.

If you are ready to explore how therapy can make a difference in your life and in your relationships, I'd love to hear from you.  Call to set up a free 20 minute consultation.


  • Break the cycle of conflict and withdrawal
  • Get support in dealing with parenting stress and challenges.
  • Learn to maintain a strong connection while caring for a new baby.
  • Improve your communication, trust, and intimacy.
  • Explore how your attachment style influences the way you interact with your partner.  
  • Gain clarity about how to deal with big transitions or crossroads in your relationship.
  • Explore your communication styles, conflict styles and attachment styles.
  • Identify what keeps you strong as a couple, and areas where you tend to have conflict or struggle.
  • Identify the priorities in your life as a couple.
  • Learn how to reconnect after a fight or a period of separation.
  • Manage stress related to planning a wedding.
  • Get help developing a personal and meaningful wedding ceremony.


  • Explore and change relationship patterns that aren't serving you.
  • Get support as you go through a divorce, a separation or a break up.
  • Learn to get your needs met in your relationships.
  • Identify what you want in a relationship and what you need to do to find "the one."
  • Work through pre- and post-partum challenges (baby blues, depression, anxiety).
  • Heal from past traumas or disturbing life events