We all need support in our lives--especially when we are trying to create lasting changes, heal from past wounds, or gain insights about how to move forward. As a skilled therapist who specializes in relationships, attachment and trauma, I am here to help! I will work with you passionately and diligently to help you overcome the transition, trauma, depression, anxiety, break up, unhealthy pattern, etc, that is holding you back.

Relationship therapy

Are you going through a divorce, separation or break-up?  Do you notice your romantic relationship follow the same pattern?  Are you struggling to find "the one"? Relationship therapy focuses on creating change in your ability to connect with others.  If you are healing from a relationship, seeking a relationship, or trying to do relationships better, relationship therapy is for you.  

Relationship therapy isn't only about our romantic relationships. I help new mothers who are struggling to find their identity as moms and build a secure and healthy attachment with their babies; I help single parents create healthy co-parenting relationships, and I help people heal (or come to terms with) their relationships with their parents or siblings; and I help lots of clients figure out what to do about unhealthy friendships, difficult bosses, or other significant and difficult or painful relationships.  

Healthy relationships

Many “relationship experts” will tell you that they have a recipe for a great relationship or a secret to keeping your marriage alive, etc.  I will tell you no such thing. I believe that each of us needs to understand what we want in our lives to be happy and fulfilled. Our relationships with others may play an important role in that happiness, but what those relationships look like varies widely. The ability to know what you want in a relationship and feel confident in asking for that or making decisions that support you in getting that are much more important (in my mind) than yearning after some imagined ideal of what our relationships should be like. A healthy relationship is one that makes you feel valued, secure, and happy. In therapy, I will honor your vision for yourself and help you clarify it and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way of achieving it.


For many of us, the root cause of unhealthy, unhelpful patterns or stuckness in relationships is a past event or series of events that has left us consciously or unconsciously holding on to negative beliefs about ourselves or fears about intimacy, connection and attachment. These traumas can be losses we have experienced, sudden transitions, unresolved conflicts, accidents that threatened our physically or psychological safety or well being, as well as physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse and assault. It can be exciting and terrifying when you reach a point in your life when you decide to confront your past and resolve the trauma that is holding you back. You may have come to this moment because your relationships are chronically failing and you want to do things differently or because you don’t want your past to govern your future with the person you love, or because you don’t want your trauma to impact your ability to lovingly parent your child or children. You may finally have the love and support in your life that you feel strong enough and settled enough to delve in.  Whatever your reason, you need a safe place and a skilled therapist to work with you on this journey.  I offer EMDR therapy as well as attachment based psychodynamic therapy to address trauma. If you’d like to learn more about EMDR, or about how your trauma may be affecting your relationships, I would love to talk with you. Click HERE to read more about EMDR and get some links to some other EMDR resources.    

New mothers

The transition to motherhood cannot be overstated. It is earth-shattering. It is mind-blowing.  It is hard. For some of us, really, really hard, and very, very painful. Working with new moms is one of my specialities and one of my passions.  Whether you are suffering from postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, or simply struggling with some aspect of taking on this new identity, new responsibility, and all the fear, confusion, and incredibly hard work that comes with it. I can help. I work with mothers during pregnancy and after the birth of their child or children. I consider a you a new mom for at least the first 2 or 3 years of parenting. In fact, some mothers sail through infancy, only to struggle at six months.  And just because you’ve gotten through the first year, doesn’t meet you won’t be challenged when your baby becomes a toddler. You might be struggling with the decision to have a second child and need to process the trauma of your first birth or the difficulties you faced in the first year.  Therapy can be enormously helpful to regain your confidence, your identity, and your footing as woman and a mother. Click HERE to learn more about my work with new moms.

Work with me.

I typically see individual clients weekly for 50 minute sessions which cost $120.  My clients find my style to be warm, insightful and non-judgmental, while at the same time direct, honest, and straightforward. I will check in with you frequently throughout our work to make sure we are reaching your goals and you are feeling good about the work we are doing. I will make space for you to experience emotions that have previously been buried or forbidden, I will gently challenge you to look at parts of your life where you are defended, where you have avoidance, or where you are holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve you. Lastly, I believe that therapy is a relationship. I will help you talk openly to me about feelings that come up about therapy or about me so that we can be reflective about our own process and use that information to understand more about your relationships outside the therapy room.  

Let's talk.

If you are feeling ready to begin this adventure, I can’t wait to meet with you in my Boulder, Colorado office.  Call or click below to send an email so that we can schedule a time to talk. I offer a 20 minute free phone consultation.